The A La Carte Publishing Solution is our most flexible solution for global game publishing. You simply pick and choose the individual services you need to get your game published.

Or, if you're not sure what services you need, we've bundled our most popular offerings into separate packages, according to where you are in the publishing process.

Market Entry Package

This package is designed for developers who are at an early stage in publishing their game. It is intended to help you determine the best global markets for your game to achieve the highest return on investment (ROI).

The Market Entry package includes:

  • GMA - a free mobile app that identifies the optimal markets for your game based on real market data from DFC Intelligence, and provides a tool to estimate localization cost and calculate your ROI according to your game's expected market penetration (available for iPad and iPhone from
  • Market entry analysis reports customized for your game. Each report recommends the adaptations you need to make to your game for it to be successful in the target market. USD $350 per market with a 10% discount when ordering 3 or more.
  • A free matchmaking service that enables you to find partners, publishers, third-party providers and additional resources in the target market to assist you in publishing your game.

Localization Package

This package is designed for developers who are ready to localize their game. Localization is an essential part of publishing as it adapts your game to make it more suitable and better positioned for your chosen target markets. With 20+ years of experience in game localization and with a well-established team of linguists and game localizers worldwide, LAI is uniquely positioned to offer very high-quality game localization services to you.

The Localization package includes:

  • Localization and culturalization of your game's assets to make your game playable and culturally acceptable for the target markets, maximizing user acquisition and retention. Localization is a broad area and can include text, audio and art assets.
  • Adapting other aspects of your game including branding, monetization, and even the gameplay to give the game the best opportunity for success in the target markets.
  • Linguistic and QA testing to make sure the localized game is ready for launch.
  • App Store Optimization to make your game more discoverable in all target markets. 

Marketing, Promotion and Support Package

The Marketing, Promotion and Support package is designed for developers who have already launched their game and need help with continuing operations, supporting their gamer community, as well as maximizing gamer retention.

The Marketing, Promotion and Support package includes:

  • Promotion and Press to get your game noticed and in front of the international media.
  • User Acquisition to help you develop and implement a strategy to attract the best users to maximize ROI.
  • Live Operations to provide the infrastructure and support needed to keep your game running smoothly.
  • Community Management to continuously engage your gamer community through social media and other channels, improving user acquisition and retention.
Of course, you can choose any combination of these services, so please let us know your specific requirements and we'll be happy to work with you on a plan that meets your needs and is within your budget.
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