At LAI, our mission is to help game developers and publishers achieve the best possible results and maximize their ROI when publishing videogames in overseas markets. An important stepping stone to fulfilling that mission is our agile game localization process.

Game localization is ripe for transformation. Yesterday's lumbering games with months between releases are out. Today, the velocity of change has increased by an order of magnitude, the market has grown to global proportions, competition is intense and the windows of opportunity are razor-thin. Never before has the need to develop, publish, deploy and update game content on a global scale been faster and more urgent than it is now.

Unfortunately, game localization has not changed to keep up with these more demanding requirements. The traditional process is slow, inefficient and unable to respond rapidly to change. What's needed is a more agile, lightweight process, one that can handle small changes with a high degree of responsiveness and deliver high quality without excessive overhead or cost.

LAI is at the forefront in developing and deploying agile localization technology that meets these requirements.


Through our proprietary, automated workflow system called ALF (Agile Game Localization Framework), which allows us to deliver game localizations faster and more efficiently than the traditional process.

Time to market is critical. To keep gamers interested and coming back, you need to develop and push new content frequently and rapidly. If you're deploying globally, you need a localization process that can keep up, otherwise you risk missing out on huge opportunities, especially when over 50% of worldwide video game revenue comes from markets outside the US.

LAI understands this. That is why we designed our agile game localization process to respond rapidly to changes and updates, significantly minimizing time to market.

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