Asia's Game Markets: The Big 3

An Overview to the Market

For many video game developers and publishers, Asia is an automatic "must" when considering global markets.

China, Japan and Korea are considered the big three and comprise 92% of the game market in Asia.


  • Japan & China have a long standing ranking as 2 of the top 3 video game markets worldwide.
  • China is the world's largest games market.
  • The mobile game market in Korea is strong, reeling in 1/5th the revenue of China's mobile marketplace.
  • Asia Pacific has the highest number of gamers than any other region, with roughly 50 million gamers versus North America's 30 million.


With Asia's video game industry comprising the largest market in the world, this region should be high on every game developer’s list of regions to target in the localization of their games.


The largest market in the world!



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What are the Best Global Markets for Your Game?

When considering global game markets, from Southeast Asia to the highly competitive space in Japan, China, and Korea and beyond, it can be challenging to determine which region will yield the highest ROI.

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