A Vital Market for Mobile Games

Mobile games are largely driving Japan's game industry. Mobile games alone saw a 25% revenue increase in 2015, according to an App Annie report, indicating that despite a mature mobile market, it is far from saturated. Japan remains a vital market for mobile games.



Japan remains a vital market

for mobile games. 


  • PocketGamer reports that mobile game downloads in Japan are 5 times higher than in the US.
  • However, the mobile marketplace is dominated by Japanese developers, with 90% of mobile games revenue belonging to Japanese companies and the top 10 games earning nearly 50% of all games revenue (App Annie).


For this reason, sources like App Annie strongly recommend localizing and culturalizing games and apps specifically for the Japanese marketplace. "Localizing your app will help, but having a holistic [...] localization strategy that extends to game mechanics and UI/UX is critical for sucess."


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