With the Complete Publishing Solution, we work closely with you to handle all aspects of publishing your game including localization, branding, marketing, promotion, monetization, community management and live operations.

This solution is customized for each game, but typical activities would include:

  • In-depth analysis of your game to select the best target markets, and to develop UA, promotion and marketing strategies for those markets.
  • In-depth localization/culturalization to create an optimized game that is playable and culturally acceptable for each target market. This includes adapting the UI, monetization strategy and gameplay (changes made in collaboration with your development team).
  • Linguistic and QA testing to ensure contextual smoothness of the localized UI and gameplay.
  • Leading local co-publishing initiatives for ASO, promotion, choice of distribution platform, UA/advertising strategy and placement, reviews, submission to leading websites, events, and marketing channel selection and strategy.
  • Community Management to continuously engage your gamer community through social media and other channels, improving user acquisition and retention.
  • Live Operations to provide the infrastructure and support needed to keep your game running smoothly.
  • Use of analytics including data analysis to optimize marketing and promotion campaigns.
  • Analysis of daily activity to help improve retention rate and sales; use of push notifications and advertising. 

Pricing for the Complete Publishing Solution is based on a revenue share model.

Choose this solution if you want to get your game published in the best global markets, but don't know where to start. It's also a good solution if you want to minimize your upfront costs when publishing your game.

Please visit our Game Marketing and Game Localization sections to find out more about the services we offer as part of our Complete Publishing Solution, or contact us and we can provide recommendations for your game.

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