An Overview of Russia's Games Market

LAI-Russia-Video-Game-MarketFor some time now, Russia has been considered a rising star in the video game industry, as it is one of the primary emerging markets worldwide, awarding it status as part of BRICS (also comprising Brazil, India, China and South Africa).


Key Facts about Russia's Game Market

  • Alone, Russia & CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States, including countries such as Armenia, Belarus and Uzbekistan) makes up nearly 50% of the Eastern European games market.
  • In fact, Russia's software market is larger than Europe's 5th largest game market - Spain - bringing in $1.8 billion, compared to Spain's $1.5 billion.
    • Developers would have an even higher chance of monetization if localizing to Russian, alongside the popular FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish).


Russia's game sales are higher than

Spain, Europe's 5th largest market.


  • For years, Russia has climbed its way up the global game market charts. In 2016, Russia reached the rank of the world's 11th largest market.


The world's 11th largest market!

Which Platforms are Russia's Largest?

  • PC, mobile and console gaming remain Russia's most significant.
  • Russia's gaming market size is also larger than all of Europe's largest game markets - 83 million in Russia, versus Germany's 65 million and Spain's 28 million. 
  • Plus, Russia's gamers are nearly double the size of the UK's (40 million), France (44 million) and Italy's (38 million).


Nearly double the gaming population

of Europe's largest markets.


Mobile Gaming More Competitive (than the Americas & Europe)

  • Russia's 2nd largest gaming platform - mobile - is nearly double the size of Canada's entire game market.
  • Mobile downloads in Russia are #1 in Europe - "with more than 1.6 billion downloads in 2016 - nearly two and four times as many as in the UK and Spain, respectively."
  • Plus, cost-per-installs (CPIs) are significantly lower than in other markets - slightly higher than $1, "almost twice as less as US rates and significantly less than in Western Europe or even China."


Why Should You Localize Your Game to Russian?

  • Hard market data and a deeper cultural understanding of the market reveals that Russia deserves to be valued as a primary games market, in many cases boasting more potential than the default route of localizing into German, French, or Spanish.
  • In fact, Russia is said to have even greater market potential for MMOs than Germany, yet Russians are increasingly "dissatisfied with the slowness of how games are localized to their market."
  • Israel-based developer Plarium has exclusively targeted the Eastern European and Russian market since launch in 2009, achieving an audience of 70 million players, their strategy leading them to double their revenue every year.


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