Company Milestones


Language Automation, Inc. (LAI) founded by David Lakritz to develop technology-based solutions for improving global commerce and communication.

LAI welcomes Sega as its first major game industry customer.

Work begins on WebPlexer, the company's pioneering translation management technology, for which it later is issued five patents.

LAI signs on its 25th client, and localizes its first sports-related game (Hotshots Golf) and children’s game (Tomba 2).


Company completes its first AAA RPG localization for PlayStation (Wild Arms 2) and extends its language availability to all gaming markets worldwide.

LAI adds voiceover recording and linguistic QA-testing capabilities to its game localization services.

Company completes 1000th technical translation project for game platform customers.

LAI localizes first racing game (Phantom Crash) and first handheld game (Catz/DS).

Work begins on ALF (Agile Game Localization Framework), a next-generation translation management system built on the foundation of WebPlexer.

Company expands into mobile, social gaming and MMO markets.

Enchanted Arms, a AAA game localized from Japanese into English by LAI, captures a spot in the top ten most popular games for several weeks in a row.

LAI localizes its first educational game (Quick Yoga Training) and its first MMO (Runes of Magic).


LAI localizes its first social game (Godfinger).

Company establishes partnership with Cosmo Stars KK as its representative for game-industry technical translation and localization services in Japan.

ALF 2.0 is released for general availability.

Company adds many new clients and localizes many games, particularly in the mobile space.

Development begins on GMA, LAI's Game Market Analyzer mobile app. Many partners join the platform.

Company expands services to embrace the entire global game market ecosystem, including market entry assistance, localization/culturalization, publishing, promotion and monetization.

Company establishes office in Beijing to complement its office in Tokyo.

LAI rebrands itself as "LAI Global Game Services".

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