Latin America 

An Overview of Latin America's Gaming Market

Latin America (LatAm) has been at the forefront of emerging markets in the game industry for some time. In fact,


Latin America is 2nd for game market

growth, just behind Southeast Asia.


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Here are a few key facts about Latin America:

  • Latin America represents 110 million gamers!
  • Latin America ranks 4th for number of mobile players, behind China, Europe and North America.
  • Brazil makes up the largest percentage of the Latin American games market at 30%.
  • Mexico follows close behind Brazil's market percentage, at 19%.
  • Combined, Colombia and Argentina nearly comprise the size of Mexico's video game market.
  • In total, games revenue in Latin America equate to nearly $3 billion, just $1 billion behind France's nearly $4 billion.


LatAm yields $3 billion, 3/4

of France's games revenue.


LAI's 2013 Interview with IGDA Peru's Luis Wong

Market Opportunity in Latin America Game Developers in Peru



Barriers to Entry


Growth across Numerous Platforms

Latin America's (LatAm's) game industry growth isn't slowing down anytime soon!


In 2016 alone, LatAm's game market

saw a 20% increase.



  • In 2016 alone, the game market across Latin America saw a 20% increase.
  • Much of this growth is localized to mobile games, growing at a rate of 56% year-over-year.
  • PC games are expected to see 10% compound annual growth (CAGR).
  • Unlike other emerging markets, Latin America is also seeing console growth, at a 9% yearly increase.
  • Both mobile and PC games represent $1.4 billion of revenue, each.
  • Mobile revenue is anticipated be as high as PC and console combined by 2019.
  • Gamers in Latin America are voracious! Even the Nintendo Switch and VR (virtual reality) are expected to add to console revenue in the coming years.


A mobile growth rate of nearly 60%,

PLUS console growth!


Pro Tip: Console popularity varies dramatically by country! Drilldown into our country-specific pages to learn more.



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