An Overview of Argentina's Video Game Market

When compared to Latin America's (LatAm's) largest countries, such as Mexico, Argentina has smaller video game revenue numbers overall, but it is still a prominent emerging market. (Mexico claims about $850 million in video game revenue vs. Argentina's roughly $250 million.)


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Did you know - Argentina is the world's

25th largest games market?


  • However, after Latin America's two largest markets (Mexico and Brazil), Argentina has the largest consumer market.
  • This is supported by the fact that Argentina alone makes up the 25th largest games market in the world.
  • The country's growth potential is also significant, as Argentina even has a higher annual growth rate (CAGR) than Mexico (2017-2022), at 10.2%, versus Mexico's 8.1%.
  • Argentina has historically seen surprising growth - Between 2010 and 2014, total growth exploded to 87%.
  • Furthermore, Argentina is stated to be one of the only countries in the world "with a double-digit growth during the 2015-2019 period."


Argentina's potential market larger than

Canada. On par with Spain & Korea.


  • As of 2016, PC & console gaming continued to make up the majority of the Latin American market, with the vast majority of Argentinian console gamers (77%) also paying for mobile game content.
  • While Brazil and Mexico have much higher population numbers than Argentina (127.5 million and 207.65 million, respectively, as opposed to Argentina's 43.8 million), Argentina's population numbers are impressive, given that it has a larger population than all of Canada (36.29 million) and is following close behind Spain (at 46 million) and South Korea (at 50.79 million).


Argentina has the 3rd largest consumer

market in LatAm.


The Mobile Market is On the Rise

Similar to other emerging markets worldwide, mobile gaming is an important part of the video game industry in Argentina:

  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is roughly on par with Mexico, at $16.51 in Argentina, compared with $17.77 in Mexico.
  • Argentina also has a higher annual growth rate (CAGR) for mobile games revenue than Mexico (2017-2022), at 11.1%, versus Mexico's 7%.
  • In fact, Argentina's mobile game revenue CAGR is over double mobile games revenue growth in the United States (which is currently at 5%).
  • This makes Argentina Latin America's largest consumer market with the lowest cost-per-install for iOS games. (Brazil stands at $0.87 CPI for iOS mobile games and Mexico at $0.64.)


Argentina's mobile growth rate is higher

than Mexico & the United States.


Console Gaming Market

While gamers all over Latin America (LatAm) play console games, the most dominant console changes by country.

  • PlayStation remains the dominant console in Argentina.
  • It is worth reiterating, that as of 2016, PC & console gaming is still larger than mobile gaming, despite mobile gaming being on the rise.



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