An Overview of Mexico's Gaming Market


Analysts have been eyeing Mexico and Brazil's video game markets for a number of years, due to growth & revenue potential in these emerging markets.

Like other emerging markets globally, Latin America (LatAm) remains largely unfragmented and is going unnoticed by many developers & publishers around the world, making the region a prime market to target:


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Latin America's 2nd largest game market!


  • Mexico has the 2nd biggest game market in Latin America, at 19%, behind Brazil's 30%. Both are prominent within global emerging markets.
  • There is a roughly equal number of local gamers playing on PC as on mobile in Mexico, with 30 million PC gamers and 32 million mobile gamers
  • The overall size of Mexico's PC & mobile gaming markets is nearly on par with France, with 44 million gamers in France, compared to 40 million players in Mexico.
  • Broken down by game platform, Mexico has 2 million more mobile players than France and only 7 million less PC gamers.
  • Mexico has the potential for greater growth overall, as Mexico has a population of over 127 million, whereas France has just 67 million.


The same number of gamers as France,

with greater growth potential!


LAI's Interview with Mexican Indie Studio, Phyne Games

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Show Me the Money...& Growth Potential!

Despite housing a game industry as large as one of Europe's top markets, Mexico currently produces just over 1/2 a billion dollars of game revenue, compared with a nearly $4 billion market in France. However...


Mexico's advantage - A huge population

& growing marketplace.


  • Behind the UK and Germany, Italy and France house the highest percentage of the gaming market in Europe (equating to 26% of Western Europe's market). Yet, Mexico's population alone (127 million) equals the population in both Italy (60 million) and France (67 million).
  • This means that with the Mexico's anticipated market growth, Mexico is on track to match the current market value of some of Europe's largest markets, as Western markets are generally oversaturated, with mostly stagnant growth.
  • Between 2017 and 2022, Mexico's annual growth rate is just 1.8% less than France & Italy's combined, at 8.1% CAGR vs. France's 4.9% CAGR and Italy's 5% CAGR.


 Mexico is on track to match the current

market value of Europe's largest markets.


The bottom line - With Mexico's growing user base (and the anticipated increase of mobile players), Mexico's total market revenue will quickly surpass its modest revenue numbers of today.


  • For years, Mexico's games industry has grown tremendously...ever since its markedly high growth rates of 30% between 2007 and 2010.


Since 2007, Mexico's incredible game

market growth has made headlines.



Mobile developers and publishers simply need to adapt monetization strategies to fit the market. There is tremendous revenue potential, as long as companies keep in mind that Mexico's large number of mobile gamers are most easily monetized using a free-to-play (F2P) advertising strategy.

  • Nearly 60% of Mexico's gamers will not buy games immediately. 
  • However, 27% may be enticed to make a purchase after some time engaging with the game.)


Mexico's Video Game Console Growth

  • Whereas console adoption rates have been on the decline in the US and Western Europe, Mexico is poised for game console growth, particularly with Xbox games (which currently has a 58% share of Mexico's console market).


Mexico poised for console growth!


Mobile Games

  • The mobile sector is anticipated to have the highest area of growth, as mobile platforms cost less overall than console platforms.
  • Mobile games already bring in the majority of Mexico's game revenue, roughly 70%.


Mobile games make up 70% of

Mexico's game revenue!


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