Many developers are unsure which markets are ideal for their games and where they stand to make the largest return-on-investment. LAI’s market entry analysis covers components that are critical in properly assessing the market:

  • Specialized reports for potential target markets
    (Customized for your game, these are available as part of our Complete Publishing Solution, or separately for USD $350 per market with a 10% discount when ordering 3 or more. Please contact us to order or for more information.
  • Game adaptations for selected markets
  • Customized launch strategy, including soft launch in test markets

We deconstruct the global games market through a combination of our tool - the Game Market Analyzer (available free on iPad and iPhone) - in addition to our specialized reports and services.

We do a deep dive into global markets and help you determine which regions are optimal for your game’s genre and platform.

Based on our expertise in global markets, we may recommend adaptations to boost your game’s success within given markets. Adaptations may include:

  • Monetization model
  • User acquisition strategy
  • Branding
  • Art modifications and/or color scheme
  • Story modifications
  • Gameplay
  • UI layout
  • Audio
  • Etc.

Preferences may vary largely depending on region. We want to ensure you don’t miss out on potential revenue within your target markets!

We also tailor a launch strategy to specific markets, including a soft launch in test markets in preparation for the full launch of the game.

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