The Philippines

An Overview of the Games Market in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the biggest game markets in Southeast Asia (ASEAN), and while it's recommended to localize your games (especially games for kids), it is possible to reach local gamers in English.


Just make sure you localize game content, monetization models, marketing strategy, etc!


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The market opportunity in the Philippines is well worth evaluating as you consider bringing your games to Southeast (SE) Asia:

  • The Philippines is the "second most populous country" in Southeast Asia (behind Indonesia's over 250 million people, which is just 100 million shy of the population in the United States).
  • Plus, the population is on the rise! This means you can expect to see plenty new gamers in the Philippines (and other emerging markets in the region) over the coming decades.


The 2nd most populous country

in SE Asia...and growing!


The Mobile Games Market is Reaping the Money!

With mobile growth penetration increasing year-over-year in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is also seeing a clear trend upward:


The eSports Craze!

While eSports is popular across all of Asia and emerging markets, the Filipino eSports market is one to watch:

  • Southeast Asia (ASEAN) has the "fastest growing eSports viewership" globally!
  • The Philippines alone has approximately 1.4 million eSports enthusiasts, plus 1.8 million "occasional" viewers.


Over 3 million eSports viewers!


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