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For 27 years, LAI's technical translation services have provided accurate, extremely readable, developer-friendly translations of software, API specifications and other highly technical documentation.



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Our Strengths

With LAI's highly technical and competent translation team, you don't need to spend hours rewriting translations because they don't make sense!




► All members of our technical translation team have advanced degrees in computer science or engineering.

► Many have worked in the industry as developers themselves.

► They understand the subject matter and how to communicate to a technical audience.


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We save you editing time and cost that's incurred when translators who are not domain experts translate highly technical material.




Fewer bugs in developed products because technical information is clearer, more accurate and highly readable.




Lower support costs because translated content can be clearly understood by developers.




A well-developed workflow that delivers outstanding results on time, perfected after 25 years of successfully executing thousands of projects with many satisfied clients.


► Language combinations currently supported include Japanese to English, English to Japanese and Chinese to English.


Together with our staff technical writers, our team can produce extremely polished and readable translations of software specifications, program comments and other highly technical documentation. This saves our clients the expense of time-consuming editing that is required when translators who are not domain-specific experts translate highly technical material. 


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Reference Examples

For Sony Computer Entertainment, we have translated thousands of technical documents over the years from Japanese to English and English to Japanese for PlayStation® developers. Examples include API documentation, programming references, and tutorials on rendering, computer animation techniques and other highly technical subjects. 

Our deep understanding of game programming techniques combined with our technical writing skills has enabled us to produce high-quality, extremely readable, developer-friendly translations for SCE, greatly minimizing the effort required for further editing and reducing publication time.

For Havok, we translated all the developer guides for their middleware physics software such as Havok Physics, Havok Cloth and Havok New Destruction.

For Talking Data, the leading mobile analytics company in China, we translated API documentation related to their mobile analytics SDK from Chinese to English, providing similar benefits.

For Fujitsu, Ltd. we translated architectural and design specifications related to their next-generation mainframe system from Japanese to English. As a result of our technical writing services, Fujitsu engineers often told us that our English translations were more readable and understandable than the original Japanese documentation, thanks to our deep understanding of the subject material and the skills of our technical writing team.

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