Text localization is the process of translating text from one language to another while adapting the translation so it is most suitable for the target market.  Text is one of the important ways that gamers experience your game and proper localization will help to create the most compelling and immersive experience for gamers in that market. Text localization covers content such as in-game dialog, on-screen tutorials, or item descriptions in an in-game store.

In the highly competitive global game market, text localization is absolutely critical to ensure your game's success and to maximize your return on investment. If you choose not to localize, your game will be summarily rejected by the market and will fail to retain any significant users. Furthermore, a poor-quality localization can damage your brand and be very difficult from which to recover.

Quite simply, localization is all about ease of use and access, creating immersive and fun experiences for gamers who want to enjoy your game in their home market. In other words, your game should look and feel as if it were created locally. Failing to recognize this means losing gamers and acceding your space to the competition.

As a one-stop solution for global game publishing, we also offer audio localization and linguistic QA testing.

Our Strengths - Your Benefits

As a provider of game localization services for many years, LAI has an extensive network of gamers and game localizers worldwide, located in all major gaming markets and representing all popular languages. These highly experienced individuals know how to localize content so it is well-suited for their respective market, taking into account key cultural and linguistic factors necessary for a truly high-quality localization of your game. This ensures the localized product will provide the best quality gaming experience for the target audience.

The teams work collaboratively with one another and with you in a proprietary streamlined process that we developed. The result is truly high-quality game localization, delivered on time and at an affordable cost. This enables you to do what you do best—creating great games—while we focus on what we do best—helping you publish your games globally.

Our Process

At the heart of our game localization process is ALF (Agile Game Localization Framework), an automated workflow system that makes game localization far more efficient and less costly than conventional techniques.

Learn more about agile game localization and how ALF streamlines the entire process, saving you time and money.

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