An Overview of Germany's Game Market


German has long been one of the default languages for game localization, along with French, Italian, and Spanish (the commonly used acronym for this is FIGS or EFIGS, to include English). Some games also include German language voiceover.





Europe's largest gaming market!


  • Germany remains Europe's largest gaming market. (Germany became Europe's largest market in 2009.)
  • Germany alone has over 65 million gamers, representing a $3.6 billion game software market.
  • The size of Germany's games market comes as no surprise, when considering that Germany houses Europe's largest population.
  • In fact, Germany has the world's 4th strongest economy.


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The world's 4th strongest economy.


Mobile Game Popularity

  • Mobile and PC game consumption are roughly equal in Germany, at about 56 million mobile gamers and 47 million PC gamers
  • In 2017, mobile games in Germany equated to nearly $0.5 billion, with a 2.6% anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR).


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